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Mary's Story

Disclaimer: The information presented and opinions expressed are solely the author's.

From the moment I stepped on the Farm, my life was no longer mine. Two women, the House mother and another woman, went through my suitcase and began to take my clothes away saying that my “clothes" might trigger others. When I asked what they meant, I was ignored. I had brought 3 Jane Austen books and they confiscated them saying the only books I could read were Farm approved books or any books by The Leader. They never explained what they found offensive with Jane Austen; there was no cursing or sex, these books are classics.

The very first night there was a big dinner in the great hall and that was the first time I witnessed a young lady who, they said, was slain in the Spirit. It was horrible; 2 girls, 20 somethings, fell to the ground writhing, trying to rip their shirts off, they were touching their breasts, eyes rolled back and foaming at the mouth. I was so horrified I left the building shaking and the Housemother followed me telling me that soon I would rejoice to see these girls slain in the spirit! Quite frankly, they appeared to have been drugged. And, for the 12 days I was there, some young girl was “slain" in the spirit. The more I saw it the more convinced I was that these girls were drugged. And oddly enough it was only the teenagers and 20 somethings that were affected. I was not well like because I questioned everything and when they told me I would have to trust them....I asked more questions.

We were made to work out in the cold and snow. One day, in the middle of a blizzard, we were told we had to go out and chop trees down because The Leaders wanted a better view of the pond in the spring and summer. We were supposed to work 8 hours with a 20 minute break. At about the 6 hour mark, I called bullshit and threw my ax down and told them, "I'm done for the day!" The group was horrified, you could hear the communal gasp as I walked away. They told me that I couldn't do that as I had to have The Leader’s permission to go into the house. After I went to the house, I was one was allowed to speak to me for 24 hours because I had disobeyed. After my punishment was over and the girls were allowed to talk to to me again a young lady, around 19, asked about my daughter's. I told her my oldest was living in the U.K. going to University. She looked so sad and said “I wish I could do that." I told her she could but she said the council had decided that she was not healed yet and had to stay! It was insane! That's how I found out that when these young ladies want to leave they are forced to go before the council.And, invariably they were told they weren't ready and needed to stay for more healing.

We were only given access to our phone's on Sunday for 2 hours and your call must be on speaker phone and you must have a Housemother listening. When I questioned this I was told that they were protecting us from our family because we might be “triggered!” That's when I lost my temper and screamed, “what does it mean to be triggered?!” Does that mean I might go postal?" After that I was watched even more. There are cameras everywhere on the property and we were warned not to stray too far and we had to fill out a sheet telling them exactly where we would be that day. For example, I would need to fill the location sheet out saying that I'm going to the barn, the chicken coop etc...They attempt to separate the women from their families. They want you to believe they are your family. These girls have been brainwashed to think they are only safe when on Farm property.

The straw that broke the camel's back for me was the fact that they had a house dog who was kept in a kennel. This poor dog was made to stay in a kennel 22 hours a day. I walked him numerous times each day that I was there. Poor precious baby! I was told on my last night that I would no longer be allowed to walk him or take care of him. They made a schedule telling me when I could walk him and that I needed to learn discipline and obedience. I lost it, I told them that I was leaving, bring me my effing phone! I was also told that I would have to go before the council and they would decide if I was ready to go home. I told them they were a cult and if they held me or my phone then I would walk my a*s out and when I came back it would be with the Police. They quickly gave me my phone. I called friends in Dallas and told them it was a cult and get my ticket home. Please make no mistake....this is a cult!!! If people have teens or 20 something daughters....get them out!! Now!!! This is a sick and warped environment. And, the worst part is that parent's and friends honestly believe they are sending their girls to a Christian and healing environment. After I left, I called the Holden P.D. and Highway patrol, telling them it was a cult. There should be a police recording of my phone calls to authorities. I also spoke with a female Detective and there should be a record of that as well. I spoke with a Kansas City reporter because that is how much I am concerned for these young women!!! I hope this helps!!!!!

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