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Leaving the Farm can be a very overwhelming thing to navigate. When you're ready, therapy can be a great way to process and unpack the trauma you've endured. A good therapist will be able to work with you and find the best type of therapy you will need. Below are some helpful resources to assist in finding counseling.


The Lalich Center 

The Lalich Center is a collaborative approach to cult information and recovery led by international authority Dr. Janja Lalich, specialized professionals, and trained cult survivors.

Other helpful websites:

Freedom of Mind

Psychology Today

Better Help

There are also ex-members willing to mentor you and support you through your healing journey as well, but know this does not take the place of counseling/therapy. Mentors are a safe space to process, ask questions, and seek help finding resources. They can also can offer friendship, support, and empathy as you heal. You can request a mentor via the form on our contact page.

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