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Honor Your Elders: A Poem by H

Honor your elders and show them respect

If you are obedient then you will be blessed

If you truly love Him you’ll lay down your life

Your work will be worship your proof will be tithe

Cursed be the one who questions the culture

Who steps out of line and crosses the borders

Who wanders away from the flock and the master

And has an opinion that may lead to an answer

And Woe to the one that who won’t follow the leader

Who pushes and pries for something much deeper

For rebellion is witchcraft and witchcraft a sin

And God is too holy to be caught with such men

But blessed is the child that eats every bite

Of the morsels of lies that they feed us at night

May blessings flow to those who believe

That God called you here and you cannot just leave

Mercy and grace for the ones who bow down

To the leaders and culprits of this little farm town

His presence will flow through the women at first

While they dominate men and give spiritual birth

I’ve seen at first hand the power they hold

The keys that they use to put you in molds

They smile to your face and say, “I’m glad that you’re here!

You’re hand picked by God and there’s nothing to fear”

But fear is the one thing they use against you

Their techniques are subtle like you never knew

And before you know it you’re there for 6 years

Believing the teachings they’ve put in your ears

You believe that they love you and will lay down their lives

They’ll protect you and save you from the prowler at night

But reality check, snap out of the fog

You would try harder if you really want God

Deliverance, repentance, encounters and more

Renouncing, rebuking in the name of the Lord

You come in with a past and they’ll add their two cents

You’re confused and afraid 'cause nothing makes sense

To conquer divide, to last you must leave

Your family behind cause they’re evil indeed

Don’t ask a question and don’t ever tell

If you do they’ll find out and cause you more hell

If freedom is free then why did I pay

For a world full of hypocrites, doomsday and shame

Once you are in it you don’t know it’s wrong

Everything’s perfect it’s Our Father’s Farm

The flowers they blossom the sun it will shine

You have plenty of food and God you will find

See if you honor your elders and lay down your life

In the end you’ll find God and the key to long life

But there’s got to be more to what I see all around

What if there’s life outside of their bounds

What if the freedom they teach isn’t real

Been working and paying for my every meal

To get nothing back but a whole lot of lies

Callouses, bruises and sleepless long nights

So maybe I’ll step out and give it a try

Though they teach God will hurt you and cause you to die

But I’m dying right now from the trauma inside

There’s nothing to lose so it’s worth all the fight

And one day I stepped off of their holy soil

Is this the right choice or am I being disloyal?

But time did the telling and healed every part

Put me back together and restored my heart

And with every step forward there’s light at the end

There’s hope for tomorrow where trauma will end.

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