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  • What is a cult?
    A cult is a religious or social movement led by an authoritarian charismatic leader. They implement various methods of manipulation to control their followers. Through this control, the leaders exploit them. In the Christian sense, the cult leader changes one or more fundamental principles of Biblical Christianity. The Farm does all of this.
  • Is it Biblical to call out leaders like this?
    In short, yes. John Piper states plainly in this article “In order to protect the flock, we should expose them and minimize the spread of the gangrene (as Paul calls it).” We strongly encourage you to read the article in its entirety.
  • Do you have a privacy policy?
    Yes! You can view it here.
  • Why do people share anonymously?
    Fear. The Leader's authoritarian teaching and sometimes their actual statements convince some that judgement will befall them if they speak out against the farm. The person is deemed demonic, a "Delilah" spirit, or a witch. Many individuals who share are still in very raw places and don't want to be subject to their potential threats.
  • Is it safe to post anonymously?
    Yes! When you share you experience, it is received with your privacy as a priority. You can either send your story in a PDF or word document to our email at or fill out our contact form. We will only post with your permission and a way you're comfortable with, whether it be anonymous or using just your first name.
  • Do you receive or ask for money?
    Nope! We are freely giving time and resources to validate ex-members and warn others.
  • How do I share my story?
    You can either email us at or type out your story in the contact page. Make sure to include whether you want it posted on our site and if you want to remain anonymous or use just your first name.
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