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Welcome to The Farm Project

Advocating for the hurting, educating communities, and offering  hope through Jesus

Our Mission Pillars


We believe in advocating and being a voice for those who haven't found their voice yet


We believe in the power of spreading awareness through stories and research. 


We believe that true hope comes from allowing Jesus to walk alongside your struggles. 


We believe in the healing power of going through the hard stuff with a community. We are all in this together through the bad, the ugly, and one day: victory!

Field Sunset


The Farm, as we refer to it as, is a Christian Nonprofit organization based in Holden Missouri called Harvest Home * Our Father’s Farm. We are a team of people consisting of ex-farm members, concerned loved ones and friends, and other passionate truth seekers.


We all (or people we know) went to the Farm seeking the same thing: hope and healing. The reality of life at Harvest Home is far from that. Every week, we will share truths of what really occurs on the farm with stories of the women and men who have lived and left there. Here at the Farm Project, we intend to offer answers that won’t be found at Harvest Home and also serve as a vessel for hope, help, and guidance, while also bringing awareness to those considering becoming a resident on The Farm.

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Recent Posts

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