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Welcome to The Farm Project

Advocating for truth & justice and bringing hope to the hurting. 

Our Mission


Seeking truth is something we take seriously. Lies, no matter how they are told, or who tells them, can be dangerous weapons used against anyone with any vulnerabilities. It's our goal to help others become aware of the manipulation and deception caused by those they were told they could trust. 


We believe that everyone deserves an advocate and we believe Jesus is the best example of what this looks like. We are here to offer opportunities for men, women and children to escape the injustice of what others are doing in the name of God. 


Through our team and resources we provide a safe place for others to share their stories and to have a voice. We offer opportunities to work with professionals and to find support among a community of ex-farm members and those dedicated to your journey of recovery and healing at your pace.

Field Sunset


The Farm, as we refer to it as, is a Christian Nonprofit organization based in Holden Missouri called Harvest Home * Our Father’s Farm. We are a team of people consisting of ex-farm members, concerned loved ones and friends, and other passionate truth seekers.


We all (or people we know) went to the Farm seeking the same thing: hope and healing. The reality of life at Harvest Home is far from that. Every week, we will share truths of what really occurs on the farm with stories of the women and men who have lived and left there. Here at the Farm Project, we intend to offer answers that won’t be found at Harvest Home and also serve as a vessel for hope, help, and guidance, while also bringing awareness to those considering becoming a resident on The Farm.

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